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BitBlissCoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency learning platform. It operates as a decentralized Crypto eBookstore, decentralized Trading and decentralized eCommerce platform. BitBlissCoin building the Amazon-Kindle for cryptocurrency online education and ecommerce marketplace. We are taking one category out of Amazon Kindly and building it our into a bigger category of its on. Just as Twitch took the category gaming out of YouTube and built it into its own large vertical, we are doing the same.

So why should you care about BitBlissCoin or bother with its coin sale? Here are seven compelling reasons why this is an ICO you don't want to miss out on the BitBlissCoin crowdsale.

1. Three highly profitable problems to solve

(a) Problem of the tough traditional money transaction methods

(b) Problem of the unbanked

(c) Problem of cryptocurrency illiteracy

BitBlissCoin aims to solve the above problems by having fast monetary transactions, better monthly interests of upto 45% and being the No. 1 source of cryptocurrency education on the go.

Tim Draper; Billionaire Bitcoin Enthusiast said...

Your contribution will bring cryptocurrency to the masses by educating people from all spheres of life, students and professionals covering cryptocurrency basics, blockchain mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, security and ICO.

2. BitBlissCoin makes sense & has different purposes

Are you sick of seeing ICOs with coins or tokens that don't serve a functional purpose? Are you tired of seeing ICOs that focus only on lending/staking or trading products without any tangible products to produce revenue for investors other than referrals? BitBlissCoin has a total of six products which are all monetized. These five products of BitBlissCoin include:

(a) BitBlissCoin CryptoBookstore

BitBliss Coin through its ALTCOIN BOOKS is an amazon-like, kindle-like decentralized one-stop e-book store for people looking for sufficient, detailed and quality information on various cryptocurrency topics powered by the Blockchain technology. You upload, people buy, you profit. You refer, people buy, you profit in BIBC.

b) E-Commerce Marketplace

With the BIBC marketplace, registered users can easily place their products or services for sale and can be purchased using their BIBCs.

c) Advert Platform

Right inside the BIBC marketplace, users can easily make their products strategically visible using our advert platform payable and spendable via the BitBliss Coins (BIBCs).

d) P2P Exchange & Debit Card

With the BIBC internal exchange you can instantly convert your BitBliss Coins for Bitcoin or Ethereum and vice versa. Spend your BIBC and other altcoin using our debit card system.

e) Partnership Program

Share your personal link, invite friends to the crowdsale, trading pack plans to earn instant and recurring bonuses on every action they take. Up to 5% ICO referral bonus, up to 35% AltcoinBooks bonus.

From the above, you can see we have all the ingredients in place to scale the BitBlissCoin network and business right after the ICO.

3. Not a typical ICO

This isn't a typical ICO which released a whitepaper after 1 day and ran it's ICO 2 weeks later. This has been in development for at least one year with a github developed months ago. Check oour website PAPERS for the github.

4. Non-Greedy Team and Low Coin Supply

The team are not greedy. We didn't aim to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. With our limited ICO supply of 12.4 million coins our cap is realistic which therefore allows incredible returns for ICO investors or those who buy in the first few days of being listed on exchange. You and I know this will moon in no distance time once it enters the exchanges in April. You would be crazy to sell at even 10x ICO price unless you are hoping to buy back in cheaper. The value for this project once we deliver on roadmap is at least 2b to 7b marketcap which would be $150-$500. We expect this to be achieved within 12-24 months.

5. ICO contributors are Decision Makers

ICO contributors will have voting rights for key decisions in the BitBlissCoin ecosystem; for example, advising on which projects to build first and which new topics or product features to add.