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BitBlissCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Round 1 sale will be fast. Don't Lose Your Chance to Buy BIBC at the Best Price!

Many contributors ask: "How to buy BitBlissCoin during the ICO?" so we decided to provide you a step-by-step guide

Before going into the details of this guide, let us remind you of the main benefits for ICO participants. First, coins are much cheaper during the ICO, so you earn 10X your investment or more after the ICO. The COINS are priced at $0.85 - $1 during the ICO vs. $10 or more after launch. That's why it's worth buying BIBC now!

We remind you that BIBC can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC) only.

The process of purchasing coins takes only a few minutes

Maximum BIBC purchase per individual: $1,000

Step 1 - Signing Up on the Website: Open website https://bitblisscoin.com/ and click on register button. Enter all data required for signing up. You need to input your Email and Password and click on Sign Up.

You will automatically be logged in.

Step 2 - Click on Wallet: Click on Deposit under BITCOIN field.

Copy your bitcoin wallet address and deposit the bitcoin equivalent of the USD amount you want to invest in the ICO.

Please simply wait until the transaction is confirmed by the network. On average this takes 5-10 minutes. While waiting you may find more information about joining our community on any social media convenient for you. All links are at the end of this article.

NOTE: Each registered user has a unique address to participate in the ICO. This address is linked to personal deposit addresses in Bitcoin and thanks to the system which can detect the recipient, amount of funds and method of payment. The cryptocurrency exchange rates update every 60 seconds and are taken from a large exchange.

Maximum daily sale is $1,000 and minimum daily sale is $50. Add extra USD for blockchain transfer fee. Allow some minutes for confirmation and your BIBC bitcoin wallet would be credited.

IMPORTANT: Its important you deposit bitcoin long before the crowd sale open time so you don't miss out on the round at 4pm GMT London time.

Step 3 - Click on ICO Sales: Click on ICO sales 10 minutes before 4pm GMT and refresh browser at 4pm when the sales portal would be open and input the USD amount under the "Enter Dollar Equivalent of BIBC" field for the BIBC you want to purchase and click on the Purchase BIBC button. And if successful you will see a success message. Your extra ICO purchase bonus would automatically be added to your purchase once successful.

Step 4 - See your Success Transaction: By clicking on Wallet again, under BITBLISSCOIN field, click on Transactions.

Step 5 - Once Daily Limit is Exhausted: Follow the same process as above the following days to purchase the BIBC ICO.

BitBlissCoin has a referral program: Share your BitBlissCoin referral link with your friends and you'll get 5% of their coin purchase. After your friend purchases the BIBCs following your link the bonus tokens will be credited to your account in Referral Program section.

We will be glad to see you as our contributor!